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How can my band become part of the amazing line up at The Charleston Pour House? (AKA – Who do I need to talk to about booking)?2021-07-01T18:26:56-04:00

Alex Harris – he’s the man. All booking requests should be directed to booking@charlestonpourhouse.com; it’s really that simple folks, no number of phone calls to the venue is going to change this, we promise. Also, because he’s the man – singular not plural, he may not be able to get back to you immediately, he receives numerous requests each day. Please be patient and awesome, that’s the best advice we can give. There is more detailed information here (link to booking page).

Who’s playing tonight, how much is the cover, what time will the show start?2021-07-01T18:26:56-04:00


So, more than likely you looked up the phone number to the Charleston Pour House on your handy google machine. That very same google machine can provide you with the answers to all these questions, plus – give you an idea of what the band is like, tell you if your best friend is coming because they RSVP’d on the facebook event, and more! We’re not being jerks, it’s just that we’ve come to terms with the fact that computers are in some ways more intelligent than we are, at least when it comes to being a wealth of Pour House information.

I think I left my credit card last night…2021-07-01T18:26:56-04:00

We’ve all been there, and if you think you did – more than likely it’s here… or in the back pocket of the jeans you wore. Credit cards left overnight will be kept at the venue for two weeks, after two weeks they will be destroyed. Cards can be picked up daily on the deck beginning at 4 pm. A 20% gratuity will be added to any tab left open overnight.

What time will the headliner start, what time will they finish?2021-07-01T18:26:56-04:00

Short answer: The door time listed on the website is when we begin to let people in the venue, show time is when we anticipate the opener will take the stage. This is a tricky thing, friends. The general rule is; doors open – people come in, grab a cold refreshing beverage or a bite to eat, socialize with friends, post a selfie on Instagram, and an hour or so later the opener takes the stage. The opening act normally plays anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour and soon after the headliner comes on. We print out a handy little schedule nightly and post it at the front door and around the venue, but it’s still just an estimate. Remember, you’re here to experience something special, so resist the urge to check the time every 2 minutes and let your proverbial hair down. Many of these bands have traveled from far and wide to come spend the evening with you. There may be a hiccup along the way. Some bands will play for 90 minutes others would play until 4 in the morning if we could let them, but everyone must be finished by 1:30 am – that gives you plenty of time to close out your tab and use the restroom before you responsibly make your way home. Rest assured we’ll try to stick to the posted door and show times as much as humanly possible.

How can I purchase tickets for Charleston Pour House shows, and is the show going to sell out?2021-07-01T18:26:56-04:00

Unfortunately, we do not currently have an on-site box office, but we’ll be sure to let you know when it happens. Advance tickets can be purchased through www.CharlestonPourHouse.com only. We have partnered with a local ticketing service to provide the lowest fees possible on advance tickets. Advance tickets must be purchased online. As far as the show selling out – we’re not really sure. But if you want to be here go ahead and buy those tickets. We’d rather see you than not. If you just can’t commit – follow our facebook page, we regularly update when tickets are selling quickly. But you should just follow us anyway, we’re entertaining.

I ordered my tickets online but I don’t have a printer at home…2021-07-01T18:26:56-04:00

No, we’re not going to make you go to the library. Keep in mind that a printed ticket will help the line at the front door move more quickly and the door staff will correctly judge you as being an upstanding citizen, but it’s not the end of the world. Technology is pretty amazing that way. Please be ready to provide us with the full name of the ticket purchaser, the email address associated with the order, and the confirmation number. Or just pull up your tickets on your handy dandy smart phone, that’s cool too.

What is your refund or cancellation policy?2021-07-01T18:32:08-04:00

All ticket sales are final. No refunds or exchanges unless a show is cancelled. In the event of bad weather, the show will go on as long as the artist is at the venue and able to perform. We’re kind of like the postal service– “neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night.” If a show is cancelled for any reason, we will update the website and email ticket purchasers to indicate whether the show will be rescheduled or whether refunds will be issued.

What types of payment does Charleston Pour House accept?2021-07-01T18:32:15-04:00

Advance online purchases can be made with any major credit card. Ticket purchases at the door are CASH ONLY. We do have an ATM on site, but as any live music attendee knows – it’s always best to come prepared. The bars accept cash and all major credit cards – except Diner’s Club, but who still has one of those things?

What if there is an issue with my ticket order?2021-07-01T18:31:49-04:00

Ticketing Contact:

What are the basics about events?2021-07-01T18:36:05-04:00

So you like to party… The Charleston Pour House has two full service bars, one inside the main venue and one outside on the deck. A wide selection of beer, spirits, a few wine options, and sodas are available at every show. Water is available from two water coolers. You must be age 21+ and must have a valid photo ID to drink alcohol. We encourage our patrons that choose to consume alcohol to do so responsibly and to plan for a safe ride home. All local, state, and federal laws are strictly

How old do you have to be to attend Charleston Pour House shows?2021-07-01T18:36:40-04:00

Deck shows are open to the public. Kids of all ages accompanied by a guardian are welcome unless the website indicates otherwise. We do host kid-centric events on the deck periodically.

For inside, main stage shows, the age limit is 18+. Under 21 will be charged an additional $2-$5 minimum on top of the ticket price at the door. We do allow children under 18 as long as he/she is accompanied by a parent.

Do I need ID to enter the venue?2021-07-01T18:37:17-04:00

Yes. “Even if I’m under 21 and just coming to the show and not drinking?” Still, yes. In compliance with SC laws, anyone 21 and older who plans on drinking alcohol will have to show a valid, non-expired, government issued photo ID, no matter how old you think you look. Anyone without proper ID, regardless of age – who is not accompanied by a parent – will not be admitted to the venue. If something happens, how will we know who you are? And no, of course you don’t need an ID for your 5 year old you’re bringing to the Kid’s Drum Circle on Sunday.

Are dogs allowed at The Charleston Pour House?2021-07-01T18:37:50-04:00

We love dogs! Dogs are welcome on the deck before 9 pm, every day except WEDNESDAY, as long as the dog is friendly and on a leash. You are responsible for cleaning up after your dog and for your dog’s behavior. You know if your dog doesn’t play well with others. Let’s not carry out social experiments with kids and other furry friends running around.

Does The Charleston Pour House have seating?2021-07-01T18:38:39-04:00

Our inside main shows are standing room only. Occasionally (rare), we will host a comedy show or intimate show and will provide seats.This will be indicated on the website. Patrons with special needs should email kim@charlestonpourhouse.com in advance to make arrangements.

Is The Charleston Pour House ADA Accessible?2021-07-01T18:39:07-04:00

We offer accessible accommodations to patrons with ADA requirements. Our venue, the deck, and the outside bathrooms are fully accessible. The majority of our events are general admission; therefore, there are not specific ADA ticketing options.

There are two ADA parking spaces – one on each side of the main venue entrance.

If you have special requests, simply ask our staff once you arrive or email us at kim@charlestonpourhouse.com and we will be glad to assist you.

What is NOT allowed at The Charleston Pour House?2021-07-01T18:39:47-04:00

We trust that you would use your best judgement on this, but just in case… Personal items such as pocket knives, pepper spray, flasks, outside food and drinks or anything that could be considered dangerous or illegal will not be allowed in the building. If you are found in possession of outside alcohol, drugs, or weapons you will be escorted from the building immediately. Purses and bags will besearched prior to entry.

Does the venue allow for re-entry?2021-07-01T18:40:19-04:00

If you are under 21 or treated as a non-drinking patron, you will not be allowed re-entry. No exceptions.

In most cases, re-entry is allowed for patrons 21+. Either your wristband or hand stamp will be required for re-entry. Alcohol is not allowed outside the doors of the venue/deck.

Is smoking allowed?2021-07-01T18:42:34-04:00

Smoking inside is prohibited in Charleston County. This includes pens. No pens are allowed inside the venue. Smoking cigarettes and tobacco pens is allowed on the deck. Smoking of any illegal substance will result in your immediate expulsion from the venue.

What are the policies regarding photo / video / audio?2021-07-01T18:43:00-04:00

Recording policies are at the bands’ discretion and change daily. Professional cameras with a removable lens are not allowed without an approved photo pass. Flash photography is never allowed inside. Per event, the Photo Policy will be posted on our front door stating what is permitted.

How do I get a photo pass or schedule an interview with the band?2021-07-01T18:43:32-04:00

For media credential requests, contact marketing@charlestonpourhouse.com.

Is there a Lost and Found?2021-07-01T18:44:04-04:00

Yes, please stop by the venue when we are open and describe the item you are looking for to the bartender who can check our lost and found. (Deck opens at 4pm every day.)

Where is the venue located?2021-07-01T18:44:49-04:00

1977 Maybank Highway, Charleston, SC 29412. We’re located directly across the street from The Terrace Theater on James Island. Please refer to our Location page for driving directions.

Is parking available?2021-07-01T18:45:21-04:00

Yes, we have a free parking lot. It is first come, first serve. The field to the right of The Charleston Pour House is not our property. If you must leave your vehicle overnight, please make sure it is in The Charleston Pour House parking lot and pick it up by 10 am the next day (when deliveries begin).

Alternative ways to get to The Charleston Pour House?2021-07-01T18:46:07-04:00

Cab, Uber, bike – yes, there is a bike rack, or CARTA (if you’re coming early). If you live in Riverland Terrace or surrounding neighborhoods we would also recommend: your own two feet, skateboard, rollerblades, hoverboard, Segway, golf cart, and on really rainy days a paddleboard.

Here are a list of Cab Companies that regularly service Pour House patrons:

Yellow Cab of Charleston

Richard – Our go to guy

Charleston Green Taxi

Does the venue offer food?2021-07-01T18:46:44-04:00

Adjacent to The Charleston Pour House is Kwei Fei sichuan cuisine. For a more casual, quick bite, Micho serves up tacos and border dogs on the deck.

Does The Pour House have a newsletter?2021-07-01T18:47:14-04:00

Yes, sign up on our website.

When do you announce shows?2021-07-01T18:47:44-04:00

All new shows are announced and updated on our website, Facebook and Twitter. We announce shows daily so follow us on social media for the most up to date information.

How can I rent The Charleston Pour House, The Lot or the deck for a private event?2021-07-01T18:48:14-04:00

Room rental inquiries for The Pour House or the deck should be directed to alex@charlestonpourhouse.com and kim@charlestonpourhouse.com. If you are interested in hosting a private eventin the The Lot please contact vanessa@charlestonpourhouse.com

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