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Vincent Antone w/ Cozm & Nova

Wednesday Feb. 21st 2024

Charleston Pour House

Main Stage

9pm doors /10pm show

2 sets

Main Stage

$20 General admission

Vincent Antone

Vincent Antone (full name Vincent Antone Seidl) is an American producer and recording artist based in Austin, TX. He is a multi instrumentalist; playing guitar for over 20 years, Drums for 15, and Piano and Bass for 10. He has produced music for over 8 years now and has found a passion for combining elements of Dance music with all sorts of genres. His style runs from Future Funk, Hip Hop, Future Bass, House, Trap, and everything in between. His music is boundless, you can expect the unexpected, and because of this, there is something for everyone. In the live setting, Vince plays guitar and keys, while he is joined by powerhouse drummer Jose Gutierrez. Together these two put on an electrifying show that moves the audience in more ways than just dancing.

No stranger to the festival circuit and clubs, Vince has performed at many notable events in his music career. These include: Austin City Limits Festival, Kaaboo San Diego and Dallas, Wakarusa, Euphoria fest, Waterloo fest, Breakaway fest, Utopiafest, Art Outside, and many others. He has opened for Artists such as: Pretty Lights, Steve Aoki, Gramatik, RJD2, Goldfish, Opiuo, EOTO, Cherub, Herobust, The Nappy Roots, Max Frost, Exmag, and many more.

Vince is also a member of future funk group Resonant Frequency, as well as the rock and roll group Mamafesta.

Cozm & Nova

Cozm & Nova is the electronic fusion two-piece composed of guitarist/producer Jesse Cegielski and drummer Corey Gallagher. Their unique approach to live electronic music is best captured in their dynamic show which leads the audience through hypnotic grooves and is littered with heavy breakdowns. With layers of synthesized textures flowing under a kaleidoscopic display of guitar patterns and phrases, the experience takes the audience on a journey they’re unlikely to forget. The ‘Cozm’ and ‘Nova’ characters, which have been developed by the bands own Jesse Cegielski, are forever present in the visual array that accompanies their music and take the form of masked, cloud-like figures that draw us into their ever-swirling universe.

Reacting to their experiences in an intentional and productive way is heavily rooted in Cozm & Nova’s creative process. The two accomplished musicians pull meaning, symbolism, and feeling from a wide spectrum of creative influences outside of music such as art, nature, and fantasy. Then weaving in everything else they absorb from their realities, they make something unique and truly of themselves.

Cozm & Nova continues to be an active force in their scene bringing a magnetic presence to any stage they take which has secured them spots at major festivals including Suwannee Hulaween, Backwoods, Imagine, and Floyd Festival. Their self-dubbed sound “electronic fusion” stands as an imaginative and extraordinary moment in the modern electronic music landscape.

* Show is 21+. Attendees under 21 must be accompanied by a parent & will be subject to a $5 surcharge. The surcharge must be paid in cash at the door on the day of the event.