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Dr. Bacon

Charleston Pour House

Deck Stage

Friday, Feb. 17th

5pm doors /6pm show

2 sets

$10 advance/day of show

Dr. Bacon

DR. BACON is a 6 Piece touring Appalachian Funk, Grass and Rock &Roll band. Wielding a diverse instrumentation with broad, deepmusical influences allows the band to perform a plethora ofenergetic, accessible, and danceable music.The Dr. Bacon LiveExperience is truly a spectacle to behold, bringing the audience on amusical journey that lulls and spikes in energy, caressing ears withlush beauty and whipping crowds into a tribal romp, shaking bootiesand shedding inhibitions. This manic versatility ensures that nomatter what genre of music you identify with most, you will hearsomething that resonates at a Bacon show. Dr. Bacon startedplaying together in 2012 on King Street in Boone, NC as a 3 piecebusking with acoustic bluegrass, folk, and 90s pop/rock/hip-hopinfluenced party music. Several lineup changes over the years and arelocation to Asheville, NC have refined, redirected, electrified, andmatured the band’s sound, incorporating funk, rock, soul,psychedelic and world music to their bedrock of Appalachianinfluences. The blending of several elements of these genres (oftenwithin the same song) along with a unique & shiftinginstrumentation is the real Dr. Bacon flavor, and Bacon goes witheverything!

Dr. Bacon is: Jesse Talbott- Lead Vocals & Guitar, Trombone MylesDunder- Vocals, Saxophones, Guitars, Etc. Michael Crawford-Harmonica, Keys & Synth Ben New- Drums, Percussion, Vocals Matt Gornto- Bass Rory Joseph- Lead Guitar & Vocals

* Show is all ages. Attendees under 18 must be accompanied by a parent & will be subject to a $5 surcharge. The surcharge must be paid in cash at the door on the day of the event.