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3 Nights w/ Big Something: Headspace Tour

February 15th, 16th, & 17th

Charleston Pour House

Main Stage

7:30pm Doors/8:30pm Shows

Tickets – $20 Advance/$25 Day of show

Limited/Discounted 3-Night Pass – $50

Big Something

Hailing from the North Carolina countryside, or “The Middle of Nowhere,” as it is lovingly dubbed on their debut album, the 6-headed musical monster known as ‘Big Something’ has steadily become one of the most unique and exciting rock bands to emerge from the Southeast.

Huge rhythms paired with soaring guitars, E.W.I (electronic wind instrument), synths, horns and soulful vocals rise to the top of their signature sound taking listeners on journey through a myriad of musical styles. With a diverse and growing catalog of timeless songs that tell stories, and a high energy live show fusing improvisational alternative rock with funk, reggae, jazz, electronica, heavy metal and more — it’s no secret why their fun-loving grassroots community of fans is so enamored with the band.

After over a decade together with 6 full-length studio albums produced by Grammy-nominee John Custer and even their own Summer music festival The Big What?, Big Something have carved out their own niche in the live music community and continue to grow nationally landing marquee appearances at Bonnaroo, Peach Music Festival, Lock’n, Summer Camp and Electric Forest as well as critical acclaim from the likes of Billboard, Guitar World, Glide Magazine and Jambase.

The Ries Brothers (Night 1)

The Ries Brothers (pronounced ”Rees”), a duo from Tampa, FL, blend rock, blues, funk, and reggae into a soulful-sophisticated sound. Older brother Charlie (24) sings lead vocals while simultaneously playing drums and keyboard bass giving the band its unique and full sound. Younger brother Kevin Jordan (21) completes the band’s “sonic creativity” on guitar, provides background vocals and co-writes many of their songs.

Skip’Lo (Night 2)

The artists behind SKIP’LO, rappers Damn Skippy, aka Alex Veazey, and Appollo Valdez, saw the first inklings of a gift for collaboration when they met in 2012.

“When I first moved to Charleston, I started doing some local shows with a few guys,” Veazey said. “We ended up calling it the Holy City Hip-Hop Committee.”

Valdez got involved through Savage Souls, a group from the North Charleston and Summerville areas.

The two of them share an admiration for the lyric-driven, break-beat playfulness of ‘90s hip-hop. “We both have a love for that era. Every time we rap together it comes across in the music,” Valdez said.

They often pulled one another up on stage during past performances, such as Little Stranger’s Friendly Neighborhood Festival at Pour House.

“We were just making up choruses right on the spot, getting the crowd involved. We talked the next day and I was like man, let’s do an album,” Veazey said.

SKIP’LO’s upcoming album pays homage to ’90s greats with boom-bap, sample-style beats, while maintaining a fresh approach.

The duo worked with a variety of different producers on the upcoming album, including John Shields of Little Stranger, resulting in an eclectic collection of songs that don’t skimp on intellectualism.

Yam Yam (Night 3)

Yam Yam is dedicated to exploring and creating beautiful music together. The members bring a diverse range of influences to the group, including jazz, gospel, jam, and funk. Michael Dempsey plays piano and organ with a focus on jazz, gospel, and New Orleans boogie, while Xander Moppin provides the foundation of funk on bass. Tyler (Kokko) Fuller brings the pocket to the drums, and brother Tom Fuller adds his groove and ethereal and psychedelic soloing on guitar. Then finally, is the virtuous saxophone playing of Jason Mescia, bringing influence from Eddie Harris and John Coltrane among others. Together, they create a high energy, soulful, and psychedelic sound that is sure to get fans moving. The band had its start in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and has since traveled throughout the U.S., bringing their music to wherever listeners may be.

* Show is 21+. Attendees under the age of 21 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Attendees under 21 will be subject to a $5 surcharge. The surcharge must be paid in cash at the door on the day of the event.