Saturday, March 25th, 2017

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W / The Forlorn Strangers
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Charleston, SC’s Dangermuffin is proud to announce the release of their newest studio

album Heritage on March 31st, 2017. Themes of sea, sun, and spiritual connection

weave through the eight-track release combining a cohesive blend of Alt-Americana,

Island grooves, Folk and Jam. In celebration of the band’s sixth release, Dangermuffin

will tour throughout the spring and summer in support of the album.

On Heritage, Dangermuffin reaches into their creative arsenal to craft an album

showcasing the band’s signature coastal-influenced grooves melded with Americana

sensibilities and Appalachian fingerpicking. The album’s lyrics contemplate the universal

human connection to our ancestors, ancient traditions and symbols while yearning for

humanity to get back to its roots. It is an audible showcase weaving introspective lyrics

with catchy, nimble guitar riffs. Six of the eight songs were recorded acoustically adding

to the album’s organic feel; and although Dangermuffin has performed as a trio for

many years, the recent addition of their newest member Markus Helander of Finland on

drums makes Heritage the band’s most progressive album to date. Fittingly, the album’s

soaring vocals were recorded in Charleston’s historic Unitarian Church, a National

Historic Landmark built in 1772.

The Forlorn Strangers:

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