Friday, March 20th, 2020

Deck Stage



OUKUO is the debut solo project of guitarist and producer Thomas Kenney. He describes it as a
futuristic Silk Road of sound- “Nothing has influenced me more than traveling, especially the sonic
landscapes that identify a place. I always try to really focus in on the ambient noise-scapes and any music that I can find. The music I’ve experienced and made while traveling become internalized deeply, and they always seem to come out in my playing and writing style. I want to capture the invisible essences of all of the places I’ve been, and put them on a record. I imagine OUKUO to be this futuristic club where there is a merging of collective memory and culture.

There’s a fundamental energy that transcends borders and I want to explore that energy texturally, harmonically, and rhythmically.” Thomas cites producers like Madlib, Flying Lotus, Bonobo, Timbaland, and more as his influences. “These producers are masters of this anachronistic way of making music. Bollywood samples over a trap groove, or or Chinese cinema samples in a downtempo RnB remix… it speaks to that energy that doesn’t know borders. It’s very human, this sharing of ideas. My hope is that this music draws in a crowd of people that are as diverse and open minded as the music itself.”


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