Thursday, July 1st, 2021

Deck Stage


Cover:$5 at the door

We call ourselves iLLA ZiLLA, and we are based out of Charleston, SC. iLLA ZiLLA formed not long after Mike Miller (guitar/vox) moved to Charleston and posted a Craigslist ad, which Shawn Beckner (bass/vox) then read and responded to. The two met over a few beers and discussed their shared love for bands like Frank Zappa, MMW, Robert Glasper, Orgone, Lettuce, Afrobeat, Thelonius Monk, and the Talking Heads. Shawn knew that Andy Masker (sax/vocals/EWI) and Karl Anderson (drums/vox) would agree with just about everything that Mike had said…because they all played in a funk band called Magic Bronson years ago. After some initial hiccups, the four met at Andy’s house and got going proper. After a bit, it became apparent that they were missing something, so they told Patrick Marzett (trumpet, vox) about the project and he joined up as well and was, in fact, that missing something. Thus, iLLA ZiLLA entered its final form.

Karl Anderson- Drums/Percussion/Vocals
Shawn Beckner- Bass/Vocals
Mike Miller- Guitar/Vocals
Patrick Marzett – Flugalhorn/Percussion/Vocals
Andy Masker -Tenor Sax/Keys/Percussion/EWI/Vocals

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