Friday, February 2nd, 2018

Main Stage


PERFORMING EUROPE '72 in its entirety

Cover:$12 adv/dos

Cosmic Charlie has been delivering its high energy Grateful Dead music to fans all over the Southeast for 16 years. Tonight the band will perform the Dead’s 1970 breakthrough album Workingman’s Dead.

Featuring classics such as “Uncle John’s Band”, Cumberland Blues” and “Casey Jones”, Workingman’s Dead put the Grateful Dead squarely on the national map, and elevated them beyond their cult status as Haight-Ashbury psychedelic party band.

The Dead would spend the next 25 years as the most successful touring band in the world, almost single-handedly giving birth to what became the “jam-band” scene.

In addition to Workingman’s Dead, Cosmic Charlie will also perform a second set of high energy, double drummer Dead, so get ready for a full evening of celebrating the 50th anniversary of the legendary band that just said “Fare Thee Well”.

Cosmic Charlie was born in the musical Mecca of Athens, Georgia. From its summer 1999 inception, the band has been swiftly cementing its reputation as a band that puts a unique and personal twist on the Grateful Dead catalogue, a Dead cover band for folks that are ambivalent about Dead cover bands. Rather than mimicking the Dead exactly, Cosmic Charlie chooses to tap into the Dead’s energy and style as a foundation on which to build. The result is healthy balance of creativity and tradition, and both the band and its audience are taken to that familiar edge with the sense that, music is being made on the spot that night.

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