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Tom Mackell + Chris Wilcox

Saturday, August 13th, 2022
Charleston Pour House
 Deck Stage | Pre – Pinegrove
4pm Doors/6pm Show
$5 at the door
Tom Mackell

Charleston-based singer-songwriter Tom Mackell brings with him a warm, easygoing presence everywhere he goes, and that same presence is reflected in his music. He has made a name for himself in the Southeast with his open, honest songwriting that incorporates tasteful bits of pop, rock, and Americana and leaves plenty of room for a soulful groove. Tom heads into 2022 with a new acoustic EP, Unplugged due out January 14th, and a long-awaited return to life on the road.

Growing up in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Mackell started writing songs at a young age and before long he found himself traveling along the East Coast, playing shows in bars and making plenty of friends on the way. Soon he formed roots in Charleston, SC, where he became part of the city’s budding music community and wrote some of his early releases. In 2015 he began a stint in Nashville, and spent a few years poking around the scene there, networking and carving out his own corner of Music City that will always welcome him and the crowd he brings with open arms.

Tom Mackell’s life on the road has led him to share the stage with artists such as Pat Benatar, Ryan Montbleau, Sister Hazel, Tony Lucca, Charlie Mars, SUSTO, and more.

Now he is back in Charleston, on the downhill side of a pandemic with a bag full of new songs and a deeper appreciation for the people around him. His latest EP, Hearts Wide Open, includes two of his most recent singles, “Strange Times” and “Maybe Tonight”, as well as three other tracks.

Keep up with Tom Mackell on his website, tommackell.com, or via Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.



Chris Wilcox

Chris Wilcox is a singer/songwriter based in Nashville, TN. Born and raised in Baltimore, MD and having lived five years in Charleston, SC, Chris’s musical influence has no boundaries. Following the release of the 2019 full-length, Chris & The Boys hit the road harder than ever before, with multiple tours across the country, including numerous stops in Chris’s hometown of Baltimore, MD. His latest release, “Old Shore Troubadour,” is a direct response to this increased time on the road.

While songs about the road aren’t a new concept, Chris turns the trope on its head, instead choosing to focus on the brief stops in his hometown. These fleeting moments take on a new meaning in the midst of a weeks-long tour. Conversations with family are cut short, friends greet a tired version of you, not fully understanding that while it always feels great to be home, there is another night, just like this one a day & drive away. Despite exploring this disconnect, Chris maintains his trademark optimism choosing instead to focus on the loved ones that wait at his new home in Nashville. Old Shore is perhaps the strongest exemplar of Chris’s appeal as a songwriter, that through all of the adversity he still manages to ask his trademark phrase “Why, Struggle?”

Recorded at Echo Mountain Run Asheville (Band of Horses, Susto) the stellar sound of the studio is amplified by keen mixing from drummer/producer Matt Zutell, who deftly explores modern filters while still maintaining a classic Americana sound captured so thoroughly in one of America’s iconic studios.



* Show is all ages. Attendees under 18 must be accompanied by a parent & will be subject to a $5 surcharge. The surcharge must be paid in cash at the door on the day of the event.