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Monday 6.10.24 
Improvement Movement 
Klark Sound 
Grandaddi Caddi 
Charleston Pour House  
Deck stage 
5pm doors 
6pm show 
$10 advance / dos 
Improvement Movement at its core is a psychedelic-folk quartet based in Atlanta, Georgia. The larger organization exists as an outlet for song sharing amongst the band’s friends and community. In 2022 they released their debut LP “Don’t Delay, Join Today” via Acrophase Records. Their forthcoming sophomore LP “Slump” is set to release May 24th, 2024 via Public Access Group.

klark wrote for his own bio:

“klark is a human currently living in Atlanta.”

klark asked his longtime roommate to write a bio for his Spotify:

“Clark Hamilton is a sensitive musician with extraordinary ability. His arrangements often capture a feeling of pastoral nostalgia. With an arsenal of diverse instrumentation, he wields a dense palette of sounds, emoting with both a pure simplicity of heart and also an articulate complexity of contrasting rhythmic interludes and soundpieces. Clark is one of those unique masters of their craft, a persistent and unrelenting student who constantly surprises and beguiles the listener with a seemingly endless bag of tricks. Yet the tricks are without gimmick, and through the illusion that is the art of music, a genuine joy and selflessness shines through.”

Choose whichever version of klark you find more appealing.

Slim S.O.U.L

2020 CPMA Artist of the year Slim S.O.U.L is 1/2 of Speakerbox, a hip hop producer, musician, and poet as well as founder of Soul power productions in Charleston SC, a non profit with a mission of arts advocacy and education to underserved areas. Whether it’s solo sets with his mpc and keyboard, or a full band with various local artists to create the S.O.U.L slim brings smooth 90s style boom bap together with eclectic soul and funk samples. He’s opened and performed with Artists like Shwayze, RA the Rugged Man, Stop Light Observations, and Little Bird

MoonKat Daddi is a Charleston SC Artist hailing from the DMV area. Since 2015 Moon Kat Daddi has gone through many music evolutions from being an MC to a guy with a piano to a Full live looping experience blending different genres from classic rock to trap with no stone unturned. Moon really started taking his music seriously when he lived on Big Island Hawaii, having his first couple of shows at different venues on the island, then eventually getting to play various festivals on the west coast and midwest area the most notable being Shangri-La and Arise festival. Moon brings an array of unique flavors to the stage from singing, rapping, spoken word all with smooth groovy tracks sure to make you tap your foot.


* Show is for all ages. Attendees under 18 must be accompanied by a parent. Attendees under 21 will be subject to a $5 surcharge. The surcharge must be paid in cash at the door on the day of the event.