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Funk, Soul, Blues, Christmas

Gaslight’s Funky Jingle Ball IV


Broken Speakers, The Super Spreader Horns & special guests!

Friday, December 17th

Charleston Pour House Main Stage

8:30pm Doors / 9:30pm Show

Tickets – $15

It was Christmas Eve. You and your parents drove a couple hours out into the country to stay at Aunt Nina and Uncle Jerry’s place because they were the only ones in the family with a house big enough to hold all of you and your mom “damn sure wasn’t doing it”. Nina always had plenty of boxed wine for your mom and the other ladies, and they gathered in the living room talking trash about whichever unlucky family member was absent from the year’s festivities. Jerry and the men spent the evening in the garage gathered around Jerry’s new lawnmower which he claims “Santa” brought him as an early present, but he’d bought it at Sears when he was supposed to be shopping for Nina. Jerry also drank a lot so he may have fooled even himself.

And then there was you. In that other living room. The formal one with the old uncomfortable chairs nobody ever sat in
and no TV. The way-too-big Christmas tree positioned center cut in that mammoth front window, glistening in all it’s pre-regulatory flammable tinsel. And there right next to it – Jerry’s old console record player and a shelf stuffed full of records. You could park yourself right there on the floor at the end of that shelf where the Christmas records were kept. James Brown, Phil Spector, Charles Brown, Ray Charles, Elvis, Otis Redding. All night. They smelled like old books and sounded like the spirit of Christmas.

For one night in December at the Charleston Pour House, Southern soul band Gaslight Street is bringing their friends along to take you back to that ‘Aunt Nina and Uncle Jerry’s’ feeling with their 4th annual Funky Jingle Ball. Along with some of Charleston’s best musicians, singers, a horn section, and all the old funky Christmas tunes you can handle, you’ll be able to get away for a while and soak in the yuletide. Just be sure to hand off the keys if you’re planning on getting as jolly as Jerry.