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Waterbed Rock & Roll

Captain Midnight Band

Saturday, February 19th, 2022

General Admission / Deck Show

5pm Doors/6pm Show

Tickets – $8

The Captain Midnight Band is the world’ only “WATERBED ROCK & ROLL” group.

What is “Waterbed Rock & Roll”?

It’s kind of like Memphis Soul Stew with lasers, pointy guitars, inspired improvisation, and a wee bit of adult humor. Midnight’s musical stylings combine Crunchy Rock Guitar Riffs, Thick R&B Grooves, and Soaring Vocal Harmonies (courtesy of the Cosmic Trollops) to create a unique, yet familiar landscape for suggestive, sci-fi imagery, and improvisational interplay.

Averaging 100 live dates a year for most of the last decade, the band took some time off the road to complete their 4th studio effort, Freak Of Nature, released in May 2018. Relentless touring is set to begin in Spring of 2019, taking the band to familiar and unknown places, both geographically and musically.

The band’s unique approach has resulted in club, theater, and festival dates with such acts as Dark Star Orchestra, moe., Twiddle, Midnight North, Leftover Salmon, Del McCoury, Tauk, Karl Denson, and many more. Simultaneously dropping names as well as science has helped turn fans of diverse musical styles onto the group, without the aid of a record label or management.

The first incarnation of the band was formed in New Orleans, but a post-Hurricane Katrina move to Nashville, TN allowed for more centralized touring, bigger networking opportunities, and a wider regional circle in which to freak. Flattering comparisons to genre-defying acts such as P-Funk, Frank Zappa, and Ween are evident in the relationship between band and audience, where a true energetic exchange is crafted and nurtured.

Check it the band’s 4 releases on Spotify, Apple Music, and (supposedly) the dark web.