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Indie Folk

Brooke Garwood + Jenny Kravitz

w/ Joseph Dubay

Thursday, May 26th, 2022

Charleston Pour House

Deck Stage

5pm Doors/6pm Show

Tickets – $10 Advance/ $12 Day of Show

Brooke Garwood

Brooke Garwood is an indie folk artist from Jacksonville Beach, Florida. After graduating from College of Charleston in 2020, Garwood started playing live with several musical projects. She released her first few singles at the start of 2022 and since then has played with notable acts including the 502s, Susto, and Sam Burchfield. Currently based in Charleston, SC and playing with band members Connor Sage, Matt Vajic, and Bennett Wallander.


Jenny Kravitz

On Long Island in 2007, a retired show-woman sat on her couch to watch the greatest show she ever saw, performed live in her living room. It was six-year-old Jenny Kravitz’s first performance, singing original songs and dancing around while her grandmother Beatrice Kravitz laughed and cheered. Jenny’s bold spirit was inspired and encouraged by her grandmother. Watching Beatrice whistle and sing and dance throughout her day brought little Jenny joy. She naturally emulated her grandmother’s whimsicality. Jenny’s vibrant persona led her into musical theater training at a young age, a modeling career as a teenager in NYC, and most recently acting in film and tv. But that’s the past. You’re reading this because little Jenny’s creative journey has returned to the living room. Jenny Kravitz is making music again.

There is one more thing you must know about Jenny: her parents hid rock ‘n roll from her as a child. But when she discovered her father’s record collection in the basement, it was like young Ben Gates learning the legend of the Templar treasure in his Grandfather’s attic. It changed everything. The storytelling showmanship of frontmen like Paul McCartney, Freddie Mercury, Elton John, and fellow Long Island native Billy Joel immediately enthralled her. Following soon after she found out women could rock just as hard. Her spiritual grandmothers became Joni, Patti, Stevie, Alanis, Janis and Joan. Where Beatrice showed Jenny the joy in music, these women showed her the power.

Jenny writes and performs as a message to her younger self – to the little Jenny Kravitz who didn’t know how to feel or how to be treated, to the girl that had something to say but didn’t know how to quite say it yet. In her music and through the act of presenting it, big Jenny Kravitz encourages those who feel their passion is unconventional to cherish that fact and to chase after it madly.


Joseph Dubay

A Charleston native, Joseph Dubay is a DIY indie musician who’s genre blending style take his favorite sounds from across the years to make songs that sound both excitingly fresh and pleasantly familiar. With music enjoyed all around the world, Joseph Dubay brings a big band feel to his solo performances and always has something special up his sleeve.