Wednesday, September 6th, 2017

Main Stage


FireWerks Tour

Cover:$15 adv/dos
Genre:Jam Band/Funk


The Werks have emerged & established themselves as a national powerhouse;
delivering an electrifying dance party to beloved fans across the musical
spectrum. Fusing psychedelic shredding, wailing organ, and slap bass
with synthesizers and modern dance beats, their live shows encompass a
sensational blend of jam-rock and deep electronic funk.

These genre-benders will be touring throughout 2016 in support of their 4th
studio album, ‘Inside a Dream’ released in November 2015, which takes listeners
on a track-by-track musical voyage through the heart of a dream; into their own
hopes, fears, and aspirations. The seasoned jam-centric quartet brings a
sonically superior mix of otherworldly explorations and revelatory lyrics to this
artistic and mature musical statement.

Through sanguine compositions that effortlessly transition from spacious
soundscapes to driving rhythms, the album merges multiple genres in a style that
only this Ohio quartet can deliver. Throughout the 11-track release, Inside
a Dream remains raw yet polished, and emotional yet whimsical… it is within
these contradictions where the depth of the band truly shines.

Catch them soon in a city near you, or at the 7th incarnation of their “Werk Out
Music & Arts Festival” in August, which draws 5000+ people annually to Ohio.


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