Saturday, June 24th, 2017

Deck Stage

The Stone Soup Collective SOUPSTOCK

Family Friendly Community Festival
ft. music by the Joy Pilots +
Honey Smoke Trio +
a Soup Cook Off



The Stone Soup Collective will aim to provide its customers with delicious, convenient and healthful food at a reasonable price and direct a substantial portion of the revenue it earns toward ending hunger and malnourishment in Charleston while supporting a vibrant local food system.

The Stone Soup Collective aims to be a fantastic place to work that values the contributions of all and cultivates an atmosphere of celebration and positivity – honoring the lessons of the Stone Soup folktale.

The Stone Soup Collective will create a network of distribution channels potentially including: farmer’s markets, food trucks, delivery to homes and offices on a subscription basis, retail, and bulk sales to institutions such as hospitals, schools, and other businesses.

The Stone Soup Collective’s philanthropic aim will be a meaningful addition to the customer value proposition – when you eat our soup you’ll feel good because you are nourishing your body, your soul, and your community. Initially we will be providing under-served local senior citizens with our gifted soups.

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