Tuesday, April 17th, 2018

Main Stage


Cover:$13 adv - $15 dos


Son Little, the singer and songwriter born Aaron Livingston, is the easygoing musical alchemist of our time. He is a conjurer, and much like those of his heroes Stevie Wonder and Jimi Hendrix, his songs are deconstructions of the diaspora of American R & B. Deftly he weaves different eras of the sound — blues, soul, gospel, rock and roll — through his own unique vision, never forced, always smooth, each note a tributary on the flowing river of rhythm and blues. The currents empty into an estuary, and into this well water Son dips his bucket — trusting innately in the magic’s existence. And now, with his second full-length album, New Magic, he has delivered a profound statement, a cohesive creation that captures the diverse spirit of American music in a fresh and modern way.


An intriguing swirl of electronics, warm chamber-pop, and rock n’ roll, Brooklyn quartet Howard released their new single, “Mother’s Wedding.” Taking cues from the winsome sounds of Athens’ Elephant 6 collective to Amnesiac-era Radiohead and the distant lullabies of the Everly Brothers—it all coalesces to form a sound that is truly its own. Their upcoming album I(2018) follows 2015’s hushed bedroom-recorded debut Religion and last year’s experimental and electronic Recycle EP, all documenting Howard’s continued sonic evolution towards new and thrilling territory.

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