Friday, November 23rd, 2018

Main Stage

Shrimp Records Presents:
Inlaws “Againlaws” Album Release

W / Shrimp Records Family Band
& Grace Joyner
Punks and Snakes
Cover:$12 adv/$15 dos

Jack Burg
Bill Carson
Andy Dixon
Owen Beverly
Michael Trent
Joel T. Hamilton

Grace Joyner:

Following a long stint in the role of harmony singer for several bands in Charleston, South Carolina, Grace Joyner made the decision to move to center stage with the release of her EP Young Fools in the Spring of 2014.

Grace Joyner on her EP – “Young Fools serves to reflect on a difficult, yet incredibly important time in my life. I think there is something valuable in admitting your mistakes, as well as recognizing the power within you to leave them behind. Somewhere in the middle of learning that getting hurt does not make you weak, I started writing music.”

Where Young Fools served as Joyner’s introduction to songwriting, a chance to explore her musical muse and tread her own artistic path, her debut LP, Maybe Sometimes in C is here to reveal what she has found along the way. Teaming up again with producer and engineer, Wolfgang Zimmerman, Joyner uses Maybe Sometimes in C to further define her musical perspective and showcase her maturation as a songwriter. Addressing unrequited love, meeting yourself in a moment of failure, and most notably the importance of taking action, Maybe Sometimes in C reflects on moving on from the time of heartbreak and into a place of independence and self-assurance.

The Grace Joyner band consists of four members, Amber Grace Joyner on keys & lead vocals, Camille Rhoden on keys and harmonies, Nic Jenkins on drums, and Joe Chang on bass.

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