Thursday, November 1st, 2018

Main Stage


Cover:$8 adv - $10 dos
Genre:Funk/Psychedelic/Jam/Power Funk

Austin Litz – Keys/Vocals/Sax/Flute
Logan Litz – Bass
Mike Litz- Drums
Justin Robb- Guitar/Vox
Nick Thrasher- Percussion/Vox
Will S – Effects/Textures

LITZ brings together a wide array of musical influences ranging from funk, jam, go-go, soul, electronica and just about everywhere inbetween to amalgamate a new sound for the ears of the world. Their sound strides to sonically transport its listeners to another planet free of the stress, struggles, and tribulations of modern day life through the use of funky horn riffs, wah-wah keys, pounding bass, driving/progressive rhythms and melt your face guitar.

Emma’s Lounge:

On its surface, Emma’s Lounge is a “space age folk wave” band from Asheville, NC. But it’s
more than that.

Emma’s Lounge is a place where you can show up as you are, sink into and embrace what
you’re facing through dancing out all of the heebie jeebies to releasing some tears of angst or
joy, to singing at the top of your lungs, to reaching over and holding your neighbor’s hand just to
feel the connection. Emma’s Lounge is a community where the love flows for music and each

Emma’s Lounge offers the “spectrum of feels” to their listeners. They believe that life is about
embracing all of its ups and downs. The music tells their stories through encompassing all
aspects from the sweet healing soul vibrations of church-like harmonies to the bright funky
dance parties to the darkness and rebelliousness of angry metal and punk rock.

They write about what they’re experiencing, whether it’s tragic loss or the high feeling of
connection with their tribe and literally everything in between. They have loads of energy that is
devoted to making an impact wherever they go. Their music, simply put, is an invitation to be
vulnerable: to break down the walls that keep us disconnected and inauthentic.

Emma’s Lounge is composed of Logan Venderlic, Meg Heathman, Mackenzie Richburg, Emma
Forster, Brendan Bower, and a growing tribe of strange birds from all over the country.

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