Tuesday, May 15th, 2018

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Dance of Hope from Uganda
visiting our community for a special performance and kids drum circle @ 4:00 pm

EccentroSoul 1 Woman Band, Chaquis Maliq (Sha-Kees Mah-Leek), delivers the sound of Eccentric Tasteful Grooves and Honey Soul to her listeners. ArtsQuest calls her “Beauty, Brains, and Power of Soul”


Dance Of Hope is a Uganda-based organization that explores the transformational power of music and dance, and improves the way of life for children in need.

This vibrant music and dance spectacular brings Uganda’s young performers to the stage to share their electrifying energy and inspiring stories. It is a cultural experience of passionate rhythms, sensational sounds, and exhilarating and colorful choreography, swirled together in infectious smiles of children aged 11-17.

For the first time since its founding in 2013, the Uganda-based DANCE OF HOPE will bring its exhilarating tribal rhythms, vibrant choreography and captivating stories of African life to Charleston.

Ranging in ages from 11-17 the DANCE OF HOPE cast—most of whom were mentored by Kinobe in Ugandan orphanages and refugee camps—bring their electrifying energy and primal transforming power of music and dance to the stage in an interactive program that transports audiences through a history of Africa and aims to break down misconceptions about the continent and its people.

“Having performed on world stages for the past 15 years, I am proud to present these young artists to North American audiences, to showcase their talents and promote a flavor of Africa rarely exposed by mainstream media,” Kinobe stated.

DANCE OF HOPE’s colorful costuming, original choreography and indigenous instruments— including Kalimbas, Endongos, Koras, and Adungus featured in the 45-minute to 1½ hour program—are handmade by the troupe. Their music is a fusion of traditional African rhythms from East, North, South and West Africa, along with original songs performed in gorgeous harmonies. Throughout the performances, members of the young ensemble share their triumphant human turnaround stories to inspire people from ALL walks of life to achieve greatness, and show how music and dance gave them hope and resilience to survive and affect change.

“The performances are magical in their own right, but it’s in the workshops where the connections are built,” Kinobe reinforced. “That’s where the local community benefits even more because they are engaging directly with us. It’s where the two cultures can learn from each other and ultimately perform together.”

“When we’re on the stage, DANCE OF HOPE delivers a night to remember,” Kinobe promises. “Our children, the music, the dances and storytelling will captivate the entire family. The show is quite a journey—not to be missed!”


Kinobe (pronounced chi-no-bay) is a gifted self-taught world-class singer, songwriter and multi instrumentalist from Uganda. He is best known for his inspired synthesis of African roots and global fusion. He co-founded the DANCE OF HOPE organization to train and inspire young children in the community where he was born, how to use the transforming power of music to turn their lives around and give back to their communities.
For more information about Kinobe and the release of his latest album, “The Voice Within,” visit:

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